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The Five Horsemen of Your Apocalypse: Anger (Part 3)

Ephesians 4:30-32

Anger! You may have already decided that you really do understand what I have been getting at, when I've talked about these 5 powerfully negative emotions and actions in the Christian life. I sincerely hope that we all do! The deeper point to these five issues is that the teaching of scripture will only change you if you have a repentant heart and constantly lean on the Holy Spirit for help. Also, we must consistently walk in the Spirit by faith.

Confronting these raw emotions is not easy and they are not willing to be in their place. The Bible is clear in its teaching and expectations of the Christian to take these items in hand and deal with them in the power of the Holy Spirit. To be made aware of the Bible's statements on sin in the life of the Saint demands action. We can either confess that this is a sinful problem for us and forsake it or we can keep it and pamper it!

It comes down to simple desire. Do we desire to live in a way that pleases the Lord or do we desire to live in a way that pleases ourselves? We get to choose that which we desire the most and it will impact, control our human and spiritual lives. To help us decide there are two easy questions that should be answered:

  1. How can satisfying our own desires-

* Edify Christ?

* Encourage others?

* Evangelize the lost?

2. How can satisfying the desires of God-

* Edify Christ?

* Encourage others?

* Evangelize the lost?

I. Anger is an Enabler for other evils to overcome us

Consider this: There is a time and place to be angry but is it justifiable? Is it appropriate? Is it just an excuse for self-justification? Unlike wrath, we are to keep our anger in check by our own will which flows from the overpowering desire to please God in all we do or say. Wrath, unfortunately is anger that has been left unchecked and has spilled out into the public square.

II. Anger can Entrap us unto the snare of self-survival

Consider this: Anger is a natural human emotion and response. Put another way, anger is an emotion of the "natural" man. This God given emotion can, by a decision of our will, be used for evil or for righteousness.

III. Anger can Engage us in the conflict against sin

Consider this: In any conflict, but especially in the conflict or righteousness and unrighteousness, we must speak the truth in love {Eph. 4:15} producing Christians who are maturing and promoting Christ's principles. What this all means is that Christians are not to be pacificists when it come to standing and fighting against evil.

Putting on the armor of God and standing firm and having done all, stand, are fighting words, combat words, heroic words.

Conclusion: I do not teach or preach "Do not ever be angry." If I did I would teach error, Living a Godly life means we should copy Him {Psalm 86:15} "But You, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness."

It is far more easy for the natural man to be angry than it is for him to be gracious, loving and faithful. These three do not grieve the Holy Spirit. If we must become angry, do it very slowly and listen, a lot! It will help define what you are to be angry about.


Pastor Jim

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