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The Five Horsemen of Your Apocalypse-2

The Horseman of Wrath

Ephesians 4:31 and James 1:20

The Lord of the Ring's! What a classic and popular story that is written in an amazing format. Believe it our not the 9 Kings of Men in the story, the Nazgul, the Ringwraiths are particularly frightening and evil. How do they fit into today's conversation, "The Five Horsemen of Your Apocalypse? We shall see...
The Second Horseman, Wrath, is a most insidious troublemaker. He rides into our consciousness on a horse with iron hooves that strike sparks of hate and destruction with every stride. In his hand he wields the sword of vengeance. A scorched earth of retribution upon those who have wronged his master is his only mission. Wrath is the execution of a judicial verdict......and that's the problem.
* Wrath Belongs to God
God alone as Judge has any and every right to judge the world and everyone in it. His judgment is rooted in His righteousness. Our wrath and vengeance springs from our own judgment which, in reality, removes God from the bench of His righteousness and empowers us in our self-righteousness. Unlike us, God can exercise His wrath without compromising His righteousness. In the economy of God's grace the Christian is instructed to be good stewards of the gift of God's grace. The wrath of man is in no way an agent of God's grace nor His redeeming righteousness. Only the wrath of God is judicially appropriate because God will not tarnish, will not diminish the value of His righteousness for anyone.
* The Wrath of Man
It is a real thing and James 1:19 & 20 speaks to humanity as in "My beloved brethren..." and it should not be ignored!

QUOTE: Sin ignored is sin embraced."

Our English word "wrath" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "wreath." Just as a wreath at Christmas or other occasions is made by twisting and bending vines out of natural shape, so too our bitterness and wrath will twist us out of the pattern God intends for His children to grow and live. The same Anglo-Saxon word gives us the archaic word "wraith." It is less common in use unless you are familiar with The Lord of the Rings and the like. These 9 Kings mentioned in the beginning of this post represent an ancient event that trapped them and enslaved them that has now rendered them ghosts, spirits of their former selves that cannot rest and know no peace. A bitter, wrathful person is also in danger of being trapped and enslaved by some far distant event and they may become a shadow of their true selves in Christ. They are not at peace.

Not dealing with our wrath defeats the purpose of living a righteous life. It turns us slowly, twisting us into a wraith, someone who is bound into and controlled by the past. For us to defeat wrath and vengeance we must follow the teaching of Ephesians 4:32"...Forgiving one another" Like God did for us, through Christ!


Pastor Jim

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