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Making the Psalms Count

January 29, 2023

Walking a Tightrope

As we finished Psalm 119 we are reminded by the psalmist that walking the life of a believer in this world is like walking a tightrope. We are in the world, but not of the world. That makes us an alien that has to take on an image that is acceptable to this world, but different enough for others to realize you are different. You want to be an emulsion (mix but form distinct layers) rather than a solution (complete mix together and forms a new liquid).

When you speak to others, you want to sprinkle your conversation with words and thoughts that allow others to realize you are different, yet not so different. They need to understand that you struggle and have flaws, yet you have strength and courage because of your relationship with the Lord. You want them to know the truth. Which is exactly what the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Tav, is about. It is symbolic of truth.

Truth is what we all seek, but what the psalmist emphasizes is that we must seek the truth “according to God’s Word.” When we seek truth according to God’s Word we are seeking God’s truth, not our truth or the world’s truth. Truth is mankind’s ultimate destination.

If you haven’t read Psalm 119:169-176 lately, I encourage you to read it today. Look at how the psalmist approached the Lord and what he asked of Him. Use these verses as a blueprint for you. Cry out to God, seek His wisdom and understanding, praise God and speak of His Word, and ask God to keep you within his fold. When we focus on God guiding us, directing us, and teaching us we are less likely to stray. Yet, we have the assurance that when we do stray, God will leave the other sheep in the fold and come find us.

Come join us next Sunday as we continue our journey through the Psalms.


Dr. Carolyn King

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