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Impacting the Culture- Part 3

Impacting the Culture-The Culture of Forgiveness

Eph 4: 30-32

Forgiveness is Sacred

Forgiveness is Sacrificial

Forgiveness is Sanctified

Thought: " When you forgive a trespass you are giving the trespasser a part of yourself."

Open: These thoughts and remarks are from my own experiences and observations.

It is more evident now than at any other time in history that we are living in the last days of earth (2 Timothy 3:1-5). The nations are raging (Isa. 23:1-18)both within their borders and raging against the borders of other nations. Modern day sub-cultures have spiraled down or devolved into more and more chaos. Great divisions and conflicting goals have broken out into infighting and the realignment among people groups, which we once labeled "tribes" have now torn more rabidly at the fabric of American freedom and once thought “unshakable bedrock of family and religion.”

The world is opposed to itself, and this chaos heaped upon the classes of people has spawned a generation or two of boastful, arrogant, prideful, hate-filled self-mongers.

How are we supposed to have a positive, lasting impact on a culture that is self-consumed? Lysa Terkeurst {Prov. 31 Ministry President} has a great take on our observations this morning. She has written, "It takes just as much energy to stay bitter as it does to walk the path of forgiveness!"

In my opinion, Biblical forgiveness has been mis-taught and misdirected and misapplied and as a result, misunderstood by many of the Christian faith.

Let’s set the record and foundation straight. The Biblical foundation of the subject of “forgiveness" is always the place to start.

If we get this wrong, if we get the Biblical meaning of forgiveness and it's application wrong, then we are in great jeopardy of getting it ALL wrong. If we get forgiveness wrong and everything else that is associated with it wrong, then it is little wonder the chaos we live in is so strong.

Again, what are we as Christians to do to impact the culture of forgiveness?

Consider how God’s forgiveness has impacted us!

Our text in Ephesians 4: 30-32 gives us a sharp reminder of the impact of forgiveness on earth and the sacred connection to heaven. We place limitations of forgiveness FROM us because we have neglected the forgiveness we've been given."

The forgiveness of God for His creation is His own personal free-will offering. God’s offering of forgiveness to the undeserving required that He give a part of Himself. It was the part of God that was needed by everyone but required a great sacrifice of Himself.

What is the impact if we refuse to forgive?

  1. The Holy Spirit is grieved

  2. The very worst of mankind is unleashed

* Bitterness

* wrath, etc

3. Kindness is vacated

4.Tenderness is abandoned

The very act of God forgiving us is forgotten and abused.

Have a forgiving heart because God has forgiven us of so much.

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