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A Study of the Psalms

Sunday School Blog Post

March 26, 2023

As we continue through the psalms, we studied Psalm 135 this past week. It is a special psalm in that every line either directly quotes or refers to another Old Testament scripture passage. You are getting a double dose of scripture when you read this psalm.

The main takeaway from this psalm is that we should praise the Lord, not because of things He does for us; but just because of who He is. The psalmist focused on the Lord being our creator and redeemer.

The Lord is the creator of our world and no one else can claim to have that ability. Man has learned how to create all kinds of things throughout the ages, but he always has some kind of raw material to start his creation. God created everything from nothing. He spoke and it was created.

This psalm also focused on God as our redeemer. God is a righteous and just God that never changes. Not his mind or his character. He is the same as He was thousands of years ago and will be the same a thousand or more years from now. Yet, the love God has for us is so deep and strong He provided us with a way to be redeemed from our sinful nature so we can spend eternity with Him. God sent His son to become a man like us and allowed Him to pay the price we owed for our sins by dying on the cross instead of us. God didn’t have to do that for us. He could have allowed us to pay our own sin price. It is out of His great love that He sent Jesus. im. Hi

Two other concepts were mentioned in this psalm. One is that we should praise God through hymns and songs. You don’t have to worry about whether you have a great voice. It should come from a love you have in your heart, through your mouth to God’s ears. There are several scriptures that also emphasize this. Here are a few to look up and read on your own: Colossians 3:16, Ephesians 5:18-19, and James 5:13. I also don’t think it was an accident that when John was given a glimpse of heaven in Revelation 7 that it was people from every tribe and nation singing praises to the Lamb of God. The other concept is that we are to be wary of creating idols that are deaf, dumb, blind, and spiritually dead and becoming like them. Verse 18 of this psalm states that we become like those idols when we worship them and trust in them. It is easy to put our faith and trust in something man controls, but we are called to put our trust and faith in the Lord.

Take some time this week to read Psalm 135 and the other scriptures mentioned. Filling your mind with God’s Word will always do you good.

I hope to see you Sunday at 9:45.

Until next time…..

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