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You can also choose to have all downloads removed at the end of your browsing session. This can be done by checking the box next to Cookies and Site Data. Your cookies and site data will be automatically deleted when Firefox closes.


Macs save downloaded files to Downloads by default, so first open a Finder window and select Downloads from the left-hand column. Then select the files from the Downloads folder you want to delete and drag and drop then into the Trash. Note that a file's download destination can be changed, so you may need to search for specific files in order to find them.

Deleting and reinstalling the Spotify app will clear all of your saved playlists and music downloads, but if you don't want to delete everything there's another way. From the app, open your Library and find an album to delete, then select the three dots next to Download and select Delete Playlist, then confirm.

If you have iCloud Music Library enabled via an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription, iTunes or Music will also warn you when you attempt to delete songs, albums, or other media managed as music that the items will be deleted everywhere. When you delete music with iCloud Music Library enabled, the file is removed from the synced set of items stored your iCloud account and also any downloaded version is deleted from all your iCloud-linked devices.

Sometimes, we delete songs from iTunes with the intention to get more space for our mac, iPhone or iPad, but later feel extremely regretful to do so. Or we just delete the wrong iTunes music accidentally, even there is possibility that iTunes music is lost for no reason. At this time, we need to recover the deleted songs from iTunes.

According to my personal experience and feedbacks from other users, the best way and easiest way to recover deleted songs from iTunes with high success rate is getting yourself a powerful data recovery software. With a short time of scanning, all the deleted or lost iTunes music, photos, videos, etc, no matter you have a backup or not, such a program can be of great help.

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is the one we highly recommend to our users. Not confined to iTune music, this software also supports to recover photos, documents, videos, archives, etc, no matter your iTunes music is deleted or lost due to upgrading/improper operation. It even supports recovering iTunes music on mac without any backup.

Since nearly all the music in iTunes requires a purchase to be downloaded and listened, your purchase list will be kept in purchase list, which allows you to recover those purchased iTunes songs easily by re-downloading, even you have deleted or lost them.

As you may have notices, those basic methods to recover deleted songs from iTunes are mainly using backup, therefore, it is always to back up your files on mac or to an external device. Also, for those users who don't have any backup, they can utilize a professional Data Recovery on Mac or Windows to find the deleted iTunes music back, with which more and more users successfully find back their lost files easily and fast.

Although Apple Music is a streaming music service, you can download Music files from Apple Music and convert them to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and ALAC. Therefore, you can transfer Apple Music songs to Spotify, Google Drive and USB Flash Drive.

Please note: Macsome iTunes Converter added the new "WebPlayer Download" conversion mode, which allows you to download Apple Music songs at up to 10X faster speed on Mac.

Use My Schedule to get a personalized collection calendar for all residential curbside services. You can add your schedule to Google, iCal or Outlook, or you can print it. You can also sign up for text, email or phone call reminders and alerts. Use the tool here or download the new Austin Recycles App for your Apple or Android device.

That allows Siri to suggest you music or understand your playlists on Apple Music. So, when you summon the virtual assistant to execute any command related to Apple Music, it will do so promptly. This happens due to the proper utilization of AI by Siri.

To access your iTunes movie, music, and book purchases on a computer, you first need to authorize your computer with your Apple ID account. Apple only lets you have up to five computers authorized at a time.

Apple introduced SharePlay starting with iOS and iPadOS 15.1, which lets you share synchronized experiences in other apps with other people over FaceTime. Now, you can also share synchronized activities in other apps via Messages. You could watch a movie together, listen to music, play a game, and work out side by side while chatting in Messages, to name just a few examples, complete with shared playback controls.

If you need to delete all the music from your iPhone or iPad, you can access your music collection within the Settings app to easily mass delete songs. This is probably the fastest way to remove music from your iPhone.

Audio Tracks are best for longer audio files such as songs and background music. Only one Audio Track can be played at any time; playing a new Audio Track while one is already playing will clear the first to play the second. You can control (play, pause, etc.) Audio Tracks from the top area of the Audio Bin.

This tutorial teaches you how to add/update CD-Text on audio CD when you need to prepare a CD master for CD Duplication .When you put a music CD in your car stereo you may notice the track names and/or the names of the performers on the LCD screen. That information is coming from the CD-Text on the CD. CD-Text, not to be confused with the song names showing up on iTune or Windows Media Player, is embedded on the CD itself. iTune and WMP track names are retrieved from Internet repositories. If you want track names show up on iTune and Windows Media Player then that is another subject. This tutorial deals mainly with CD-Text.

The apps we download and install come with varying extra language files, many of which most of us would never use. A good example of this is Spotify coming with over 50 language files. These files consume valuable disk space, so if you're not planning on using them, it's a good idea to remove them.

Using the best free DRM removal software, you can remove copyright protection from e-books, videos and music. With it, you can play purchased or rented movies, songs and audiobooks on unauthorized devices and copy media files to anywhere you want.

Verdict: Leawo Prof. DRM is a full-featured kit of high-end DRM removal software. It includes DRM video converter, DRM music converter, DRM audiobook converter, DRM eBooks converter, and DRM Spotify converter. Unlike other programs aimed at working with files of a particular format, this software offers all necessary instruments in one place.

The program offers lossless conversion of the DRM-locked iTunes docs, eBooks in Kindle, Kobo, Adobe, and Spotify audio. The initial quality of content, including audio, video, photos, subtitles, and music ID tags remains unchanged.

Verdict: This is a great DRM removal tool for removing copyright protection from Apple and iTunes music. It can also convert Apple and iTunes audio files to various formats, like MP3, AC3, etc.

? Apps Tip: If you have downloaded some of your apps with iMazing, you'll have the option to install apps from your app library when transferring your data. This can be a life saver as you'll be sure that you don't have to wait for apps to be downloaded by iOS after the transfer completes, downloads which can take a very long time. Read more about downloading apps before transferring data.

For example, burning MP3 files to a 700 MB data CD (sometimes called an "MP3 CD"), and using Audacity's default 128 kbps MP3 export bit rate gives over 11.5 hours playing time. But if 64 kbps MP3 bit rate was chosen (either in "MP3 Export Setup" in the File Formats tab of Preferences, or Options at time of export) about 23 hours of audio would fit on the CD. Note that the penalty of reducing the bit rate would be reduced sound quality (especially so for music but less so for speech).

Dear I accidentally deleted ibooks data from I cloud , now my iBook library has also deleted from my phone and iPad although I had already downloaded the books to them.Please tell me how can I recover my library nowThanks

I deleted a song on my iPhone that I purchased from iTunes album. Cannot find it anywhere. When I go back to iTunes I can see where the song was purchased, but cannot figure out how to reload it. Checked title and artist it shows up nowhere. Even downloaded all songs from the cloud. But still nothing can you help.

HI! i wanted to downgrade the app instagram because i didnt get the live update and i was wondering if i could do it through itunes? im currently using iphone 6 and my laptop uses windows system. i also download itunes though (in my laptop), however as the itunes (on my laptop) upgraded, there are some features that are removed.i tried deleting the app and looked through the trash on itunes (thats what the website says) but i cant find it anywhere. also it says to right click the app on the itunes but it doesnt work. help?thank you

Anyway, I wish you good luck. Oh, forgot to mention, next time be sure to back up your iPad. Also, if you have a PC or Mac, best to download Google apps to your desktop and save a copy of all your documents locally (via the sync feature).

Taking delivery of new Apple iPad after restore with IOS 9.1.3 80% of my most important iMovies have not been downloaded.These are irreplaceable family items. Can you please help. Thank you. DEREK

Your phonebook didn't automatically download? Each paired phone can have its own dedicated phonebook. Use the instruction below to manually add it, depending on your phone and its available compatibility features. Phones that Support Phonebook Access Press the "Setting" button. Select "Phone". Select "Download Handset Phonebook". Phones that Do Not Support Phonebook Access Up to 40 entries can be added to the vehicle phonebook by: Entering contacts downloaded from the handset or Using the Keypad or Call History. On your vehicle, do the following first: Press the "Phone" button. Select "Vehicle Phonebook". Select "Add New". Then add contacts via one of the following ways: Bluetooth Select "Copy from the Handset". Select "Voicetag" to record a name for the Voice Recognition system. Select "Store". Say the name of the contact after the tone. Select "OK" to save the entry. Keypad Select "Enter Number by Keypad". Enter contact number. Select "OK". Select "Voicetag" to record a name for the Voice Recognition system. Select "Store". Say the name of the contact after the tone. Select "OK" to save the entry. 041b061a72


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