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Stonefox Medical Enemas Videos __TOP__

For those that have seen enemarotica or stonefox videos, who are your favorite models? My favorite is definitely Buffy or Siobhan, as they have beautiful bottoms. My favorite videos, however, are the Proctoscope exam videos.

Stonefox Medical Enemas Videos

@Vicki_V On the one hand, one indeed can thing that a woman who takes enemas on camera, when faced with constipation or upset stomach, would not be shy using one on herself. On the other hand, I've read kinky medical staff explain that they don't like doing certain things while playing because it would be too much like work.

Hi, I just purchased First Sigmoidoscopy. This is a very well done video, at least in myopinion. It is very erotic and not vulgar or crude. There is no profanity nor arethe characters demeaned. The spanking scene is very effective without being cruel orabusive. The actresses are both very attactive and portray their roles well. Great product.Dear Staff: i thankyou for producing the best gyn exam/enema productions. You aremeeting the wants for a growing fetish community. Your customers have a strong gynexam fantasy and erotic enema fantasy-medical humiliation fantasies. Here is ideallywhat i would love to have you address in future productions.1. try to have an occasional more mature patient-40ish2. try to do the gyn exam as authentic as possible. We are interested in what reallyhappens during a woman's routine gyn exam. I am particularly interested in how thepatient gets into the stirrups after undergoing the abdominal exam where her legsare stretched out on the table extension.3. Show us how the external exam is performed-a typical in depth externalexam-during the anal inspection have the patient bare down forcefully so we can seeher anus clesrly.4. After the pelvic exam where a through vaginal-rectal exam is performed-give thepatient the soapy enemas rsther than giving the enemas before the gyn exam.5. Make the patient hold the soapy enemas for as long as possible before showing hergetting of the exam table and guickly walking to the toilet.6. Patient 's productive expulsion results should be show to viewer in the toiletafter each enema.7. The rectal speculum exam needs to show the viewer a well lighted wide open deeprectum view.8. If patient had enemas in real life-she should describe her experiences to theviewer.9. We want to see better close up views of the patient's anus while she bares downand excellent interior views of her rectumThanks for listening to my suggestionsI received the dvd Karen Riggens visits PHD.This is the first time I had ever purchased a product like this.I was impressed by how professionally and sensitively this subject was handled. Thepatient was respected, treated careful and not demeaned. The doctor was verysensitive.This all being said, I thought the video was very erotic - it accomplished what itwas meant for.Good product.Just ordered this video (Karen Riggens Visits the Public Health Department), should get it soon. Love your site and have ordered around20 DVD's from you guys, really appreciate the fanastic work and team you all have,we need more of Sabrina in full nurse uniform and cap...when I bought and watchedthat last and only movie of her in nurse cap I was in heaven, being a huge fan ofnurses who wear the old fashion cap....seeing Nurse Sabrina in one was fanastic,thanks again Dr. Fish you are the best!First of all let me say how impressed I was with "Enemas till Clear" - thefirst production I have seen where the "patient" actually has a real bowelmovement after being given a Fleets enema. I find it really disappointingthat HydroMadam does so many productions with Fleets enemas but only theliquid gets squirted out - no brown stuff.Thank you very much. I would like to let you know that your business is the mostefficient sites in terms of ordering, incredible timly receipt of product and notgetting ripped off on shipping costs.Excellent productions. Cassidy is too cool. She's a crack-up, cute too! Definitelymore Bernard's sequels are in order. I like the domestic themes. Perhaps more futureOTK action and e's like the Home form College, caring mom/aunt type.I've been ordering videos from you since 2000 and the glory days of Denise Rowe. I'ma big fan and I'm at a point now where it works better for me to watch videos on mycomputer, so I'm signing up for membership. I'm looking forward to checking out thenew video with Sabrina. She has a great ass and responds very well to analtreatment. I hope she goes back to working on her thong tanlines soon. Very fewgirls have those nowadays and they make her ass look even more inviting.Just wanted to drop a line & say how "GREAT" your NEW design is. VERY pleasant to the eye and EXTREMELY easy to navigate through. Keep up the FANTASTIC work and I will continue to enjoy being a "member". It is 12:40 PM local time and this is my second attempt at writing my observations concerning your two DVDs (Clara's Physical Exam and Domestic Discipline: Rural Style). I had to scratch the first attempt because there were so many thoughts that came to mind all at one time, that I couldn't organize them without seeming to throw a cluttered mess down on paper. I'll try again. To start with, I received the DVDs in yesterdays mail. I made up my mind not to rush, and to be calm and objective as I viewed your work. Didn't happen! I didn't make a single mark on the tablet I had before me to take notes. Al's genius came into play immediately with his selection of Beethoven's 6th symphony as the theme music. It fit in perfectly with the views of what I assume were beautiful Colorado. His next brilliant move was casting. Anika and the other young lady were perfect in their parts. Then there was Clara. You were very believable as the young wife of Donald who probably had a checkered past, and who he took in and married to "save." You dominated every scene you were in! Starting when the three of you first gathered in the kitchen, the eye went automatically to you. It was that way throughout the movie. You have "presence." Probably due in large part to your classical face and natural, graceful movements. At this point I just sat back and let my gut feelings take over----and of course my heart. It was so sweet when Donald came home and Clara greeted him by throwing her arms around him and kissing him, genuinely glad to see him even though she knew she was in trouble. The thought came to mind, "Don't you dare punish her Donald! She's sweet and innocent." I'm sure that's what Al intended. Your character throughout the movie demanded protection and love by virtue of being so sweet and vulnerable. I'll never make another joke about Al's acting. His character Donald was perfect as played against Clara's character. He was the bigoted heavy and you were the sweet young thing he abused verbally and with enemas and spankings. I sat there knowing it was make-believe but wanting to scream at Donald to back off and just hold and love Clara----and make her smile instead of shaming her. Bravo Al and Clara! Now a few words about "Clara's Physical Exam." This one was designed, I'm guessing, to showcase your beautiful body. It did, but since you stayed in character with the Clara of "Domestic Discipline: Rural Style," the viewer's sympathy stayed. I kept thinking the evil Dr. Fish, who was in league with mean old Donald, had no right to examine or speak to innocent and sweet young Clara the was he did! Just a word about your body art. I have a daughter about your age, I'm guessing, and when she showed Barbara and me her tattoos I just said, "If it makes you happy, fine, but please remember, you don't need it to make your body prettier. Nothing can improve the natural beauty that's already there." Bravo again and thank you for making your movies available. It solved some mysteries and created others. As time passes, perhaps I'll get answers to other questions. By the way, I got to hear the your voice, something I really wanted. It's just as I imagined----sweet and melodious.It has been amazing to see you develop down through the years. I am certain that yourproduct is serving many people in many important ways in terms of increasing awareness of health issues and human sexuality.ClaraThank you so much for your prompt reply.What a disappointment concerning Jordan. (I told him she didn't model anymore) I wish she had listened to you. I can't evenwrite a fan letter. I took your advice and looked over in ememarotica and found her--Ithink--- wearing glasses! What a waste! with those eyes--and all the rest too. I'mgoing to order the DVD. If it's the same sexy voice I'll recognize it.I emailed them asking if it was the same actor. I noticed the date 2001 on the ad. DidJordan make First Physical after that? They're not responding like you. So it may beawhile if ever.This is all new to me. I've NEVER ordered anything like your products before. And ofcourse privacy is very important. I consider yours and enemarotica DVDs erotic art. Itfulfills a need but you already know that and understand the market. I'm of an age when Isay why not.I plan to join your membership and of course order other DVDs. I'm sure you have otherbeautiful models beside Jordan. Just in parting--she could act too. Very much at easein front of the camera (these are things I would have told Jordan in a fan letter) Whatwould she have done with well written dialogue, top notch director, lighting, sound etc.and surrounded by other good actors (Erin was OK but Dr Fish?)Enough! I'm not usually this longwinded. Thank you again for your reply. And if youthink of any other info or sites where I might see Jordan please let me know.Hi Again: Again after watching this production (Felicia Williams Insurance Physical) asecond time this is truly one of your top 3productions:What I liked:1. Attractive patient2. Great bottom3. Great anal close ups4. Soap used in 1st enema5. Patient told us a little of her enema experiences6. Good history taken7. Enemas held for long time8. Good expulsions-results shown to usHi Staff: I found the above production to be one ofthe best you've done. Great close ups and F.Williams/aka Pam Duncan is the best girl I've seen ina long time-great bottom and pretty face.I just love it when I meet up with another medical fetish person who is nice enough to cut me a deal on some good porn! Further more, I think that you people are doing an excellent job and are by far the most interesting group of people to ever come out of the state of Oregon!!! Keep up the good work!!!I am a member, and enjoy your site. I would like torequest that you keep at least one "shot" scene andone "spanking" scene in your weekly member's lineup.Thank you, and keep up the good work!Hello,Glad to have found You on the web! Medical fetish is the best for me, and you know how to make it !Just wanted to know if you make custom video, and perform painful exams, involving very uncomfortable gynecological procedures.Let me know if you are interested.Thank you very much !FedericoVery impresssed with the "Victorian Way."I never thought it was possible to reproduce the ambiance of the era.This is a great performancemany thanks,your RolandSorry for my little English I'm FrenchYou guys do great work. Thanks for providing something that's in very short supply.Thank you for all of your great sites and videos.Dear Dr. Fish, Nurse Annika, To Whom This May Concern: Firstly let me say how thrilled I am with you all. Keep up the great work. I'm a long time monthly-membership holder who also owns a couple of your tapes and who also has a thing for gluteus injections. This truley is the only place on the web for quality butt shot videos. This brings me to my second point. I would like too see more butt injections rotated into the clips each week. Any idea on that? Also, I have never given or received a shot in the behind. I would like to end this drought. Is there any suggestions you could give me as to what I could recommend a health-care provider to give me a shot of in my behind, please!? Preferably painful too. Thank You & Bottoms Up, I'm usually not one for hyperbole but your latest video, "Sweet Revenge" hasto be one of the best, if not the best sensual enema videos ever!..... As soon as I retrieved the disk from my post box this morning I installedit in my player with the intention of merely "spooling it up" to make surethat it would play. As it turned out, I couldn't take my eyes of BabieCarlos and Lucy Lucy, and ended up watching the entire film.As a director, you did a great job of capturing the dynamic tension betweenthese two actors and made their role playing very real. In the openingscene, the lighting was somewhat harsh at first, with your shadow movingvisibly across the wall behind your subjects. So, I thought....well this isgoing to be another round of "Secrets". boy was I mistaken....the longer Iwatched the better this film got (in every respect). The bloopers werecute...I'd love to see an "off camera" interview with the actors sharingtheir impressions of the film as a trailer some time. I especially enjoyed the dialogue. So few D&S or enema movies have any.It's unfortunate because In my opinion , expressive speaking lines, alongwith facial expressions and body language, provide a key dimension inconveying what the performers are feeling. That's probably why I stillprefer, Cagney, Bogart,and Hepburn over current movies.Both your new adult actors are attractive, credible and natural on screen. Don't lose these two.... Then there's Lucy Lucy.....What can I say? Icould be the president of her fan club! I'm ready for":Sweet Revenge"numbers two, three, and four. You can sign me up now (lol)Seriously, with your excellent directing and editing, coupled with astunning leading lady, It would have been an honor and a rare pleasure to beable to work with youI just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I think "College Friends - Class of H2O" isa very sexy movie, one of the best I've seen. Yes, the girls were not the best actors,but the important thing is they enjoyed what they were doing to each other, and Icertainly enjoyed watching them. The plot was excellent, and I loved the fact that thecameraman was a woman too. It was very sexy to see the girls enjoying watching theother release. When the one girl said "If only it was in my mouth", that was very sexy. Speaking of that, when the other girl was about to receive her enema, she apparently released something, and apologized for that, I wish the camera had not missed that, itwas definitely a high point for me. Thank you! I certainly didn't expect that quick aresponse . . . you guys are the best!-Jim THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOUR MOVIES ITS JUST NOT ONLY ONE SCENE OF MEDICAL EXAMS BUT IT'S THE STORYLINES AND SCENARIOS. THAT BUILDS YOUR MOVIES UP TO THE EXAMS AND MAKES IT MORE EXICTING TO WATCH!!!Dear Stonefox,I want to thank you very much for your prompt response and handling of this matter, it made me a very loyal customer of your company,and you'll see it in a couple of weeks when I order some more DVD's from you. One more thing if you don't mind, do you have or do you know a place I could find the movies I asked for ? The movies with urethral manipulation and penetration ? If you have any info for me please send it to me.With many thanks in advance, and more business, sincerely, Mike.


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