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Make Your Own Pizza Tower Levels with This Easy-to-Use Editor

The first build that added the text bubble was the April 2021 Patreon build, where the TV would speak to the player as a TV host of sorts. He didn't give really much information on how to play the game, and the TV host was more just a wisecracker, keeping an eye on Peppino while giving lore about the environment and the tower itself. Only two levels had this feature, John Gutter and Pizzascape. From that point onward, the TV would just give placeholder text if the player got into a transformation. The problem with this is that nobody would really be paying attention to what the TV announcer had to say, as the player was already busy exploring the levels.

First, Download The File, Second, Press the Keys "(window key) + r" this will open up app data. Then, Click App Data on The Top with the > type arrows. Then go to local, and then go to "Pizza Tower_GM2" and insert the "The Crumbling Tower of Pizza.ptlv" file. And launch pizza tower level editor, and that's it, enjoy I guess! :D (YOU NEED THIS VERSION OF THE LEVEL EDITOR OR ELSE THE MUSIC WON'T WORK PROPERLY - )

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