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How to Use SDL Trados Studio 2011 for Efficient Translation

How to Use SDL Trados Studio 2011 for Efficient Translation

SDL Trados Studio 2011 is a powerful and versatile translation software that helps you create, edit and review high quality translations in the quickest possible time. Whether you are a freelance translator or a language service provider, SDL Trados Studio 2011 can help you work faster and more efficiently with its advanced features and functionality.

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In this article, we will show you how to use SDL Trados Studio 2011 for your translation projects, and how to benefit from its intelligent translation memory technology, its wide range of file formats and languages, its cloud capabilities, its terminology management tool and its quality assurance checks.

What is SDL Trados Studio 2011?

SDL Trados Studio 2011 is the ultimate desktop translation software, providing all the tools necessary to create, edit and review high quality translations in the quickest possible time[^1^]. It is based on SDL's leading translation memory technology, which enables you to reuse previously translated content across all of your projects[^2^]. This way, you can save time, reduce costs and ensure consistency throughout your translations.

SDL Trados Studio 2011 also supports a comprehensive selection of language options and file types, allowing you to receive jobs from anyone and translate any kind of content[^2^]. You can work with over 70 languages and hundreds of file formats, including Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, HTML, XML, SDLXLIFF and many more.

Moreover, SDL Trados Studio 2011 offers cloud capabilities that let you seamlessly move between cloud and desktop[^2^]. You can use your tablet, laptop or mobile to access your projects online and then sync them with your desktop app. You can also create new projects, track your translation progress, check project milestones while out and about directly from your smartphone via the new Trados app.

How to Use SDL Trados Studio 2011 for Your Translation Projects?

To use SDL Trados Studio 2011 for your translation projects, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create a new project or open an existing one. You can choose from various project templates or create your own custom settings. You can also specify the source and target languages, the project name and location, the due date and other details.

  • Add files to your project. You can drag and drop files from your computer or browse for them. You can also select files from online sources such as Dropbox or Google Drive. You can add multiple files of different types and languages to the same project.

  • Prepare your files for translation. You can analyze your files to see how much content is new, repeated or matches your translation memory. You can also pre-translate your files using your translation memory or machine translation. You can also apply terminology verification and tag verification to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  • Translate your files. You can open your files in the Editor view and start translating. You can use various features to help you with your translation, such as AutoSuggest, which offers suggestions based on your translation memory and terminology database; Concordance Search, which allows you to search for words or phrases in your translation memory; QuickPlace, which inserts tags, numbers and other elements with a single keystroke; Track Changes, which records any modifications made to the source or target text; Comments, which let you add notes or queries to the text; and many more.

  • Review your translations. You can check your translations for errors using the Quality Assurance feature, which performs automatic checks on spelling, grammar, punctuation, terminology, numbers, tags and other aspects. You can also preview your translations in their original format using the Real-time Preview feature. You can also send your translations for external review using the Review Package feature.

  • Finalize your project. You can generate reports on your project statistics, such as word count, match analysis, quality assessment and productivity. You can also export your translations to their original format or create bilingual files for future use. You can also update your translation memory and terminology database with your latest translations.


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