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How to Install WinFast Multimedia Software Pack on Windows 10

How to Install WinFast Multimedia Software Pack on Windows 10

WinFast Multimedia Software Pack is a collection of software tools and drivers for Leadtek graphics cards and video capture devices. It includes WinFast PVR2, a TV tuner and video recorder application, WinFast DVD, a DVD player and authoring software, WinFast FM, a radio tuner and recorder software, and WinFast Navigator, a GPS navigation software. WinFast Multimedia Software Pack also provides various utilities and updates for Leadtek products.

Winfast Multimedia Software Pack Windows 10

Download File:

If you have a Leadtek device that is compatible with WinFast Multimedia Software Pack, you can install it on Windows 10 by following these steps:

  • Download the latest version of WinFast Multimedia Software Pack from the Leadtek website[^1^]. You can find the model name of your device from the product category and subcategory menus. The download file is an ISO image that contains all the software components.

  • Mount the ISO image as a virtual drive using Windows Explorer or a third-party tool like Virtual CloneDrive or PowerISO.

  • Open the virtual drive and run the setup.exe file. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software pack. You may need to restart your computer after the installation is complete.

  • Launch the WinFast Multimedia Software Pack applications from the Start menu or the desktop shortcuts. You can also access the utilities and updates from the WinFast Multimedia Software Pack folder in the Start menu.

Note: If you have Windows 10 N edition, which does not include Windows Media Player and related technologies, you may need to install the Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10[^3^] before installing WinFast Multimedia Software Pack. This will enable the media functionality to work properly.WinFast Multimedia Software Pack is designed to enhance your multimedia experience with Leadtek devices. You can enjoy watching and recording TV programs, listening and recording radio stations, playing and creating DVDs, and navigating with GPS maps. You can also customize the settings and preferences of your device and software to suit your needs.

Some of the features of WinFast Multimedia Software Pack are:

  • WinFast PVR2: This is a powerful and user-friendly application that allows you to watch and record TV programs on your computer. You can also capture still images and videos from your TV tuner or video capture device. You can schedule recordings, edit recorded files, and burn them to DVD or CD. You can also use the time-shifting function to pause, rewind, or fast-forward live TV.

  • WinFast DVD: This is a versatile DVD player and authoring software that supports various formats and features. You can play DVDs, VCDs, SVCDs, CDs, MP3s, and other media files on your computer. You can also create your own DVDs with menus, chapters, subtitles, and audio tracks. You can also convert video files to DVD format and burn them to disc.

  • WinFast FM: This is a radio tuner and recorder software that allows you to listen and record FM radio stations on your computer. You can also scan for available stations, preset your favorite stations, and edit recorded files. You can also use the time-shifting function to pause, rewind, or fast-forward live radio.

  • WinFast Navigator: This is a GPS navigation software that provides you with maps, routes, points of interest, and voice guidance. You can use it with a GPS receiver connected to your computer via USB or Bluetooth. You can also download maps from the internet or create your own maps with the map editor.

WinFast Multimedia Software Pack is compatible with Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems. It supports various Leadtek devices such as WinFast TV2000 XP Expert/Deluxe/Global/Global TV/FM/DV2000/DV2000D/PVR2000/PVR2000 Deluxe/PVR3000 Deluxe/VC100 XP/VC100 U Video Editor/DTV Dongle Gold/DTV Dongle H Plus/DTV Dongle Dual/DTV Dongle Mini D/DTV Dongle Mini C/DTV Dongle Mini C Plus/DTV Dongle Mini D Plus/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus II/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus III/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus IV/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus V/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus VI/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus VII/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus VIII/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus IX/DTV Dongle Mini H Plus X/DVBT USB2.0 Box/DVBT USB2.0 Box Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro II/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro II Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro III/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro III Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro IV/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro IV Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro V/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro V Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro VI/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro VI Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro VII/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro VII Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro VIII/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro VIII Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro IX/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro IX Deluxe/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro X/DVBT USB2.0 Box Pro X Deluxe/GPS 9531/GPS 9541/GPS 9551/GPS 9561/GPS 9571/GPS 9581/GPS 9591/GPS 9601/GPS 9611/GPS 9621/GPS 9631/GPS 9641/GPS 9651/GPS 9661/GPS 9671/GPS 9681/GPS 9691/GPS 9701/GPS 9711/GPS 9721. e0e6b7cb5c