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Get Angry Birds Classic 1.0 0 APK - The Best Version of the Game Ever

no, com.clickgamer.AngryBirds-iOS8.0-(Clutch-2.0.4).ipa is the normal old angry birds for iphone, and com.chillingo.angrybirdsipad-iOS8.0-(Clutch-2.0.4).ipa is the hd version for ipad, i dont have a 32 bit device so idk if they are 1.0, but it should be close enough for you to enjoy it

angry birds classic 1.0 0 apk

For those of you who are interested, you can now unlock your classic Angry Bird characters and have fun playing the game with any of them. Feel free to join Red, Yellow, and their interesting friends in a whole new adventure. At the same time, also discover new characters with interesting looks and in-game elements. Introduce many of them to the new levels and make uses of their unique abilities to win your game.

Get ready to further engage yourself in the game thanks to its amazing audio elements. From the classic soundtracks of Angry Birds 2 to the newer and more exciting songs, the in-game music will certainly impress many gamers. Not to mention that its on-themed audio effects will also make your birdy actions more engaging.

Angry Birds Journey MOD coins/life - Get ready to be part of the avian universe, befriend cute teenage birds and discover a whole new world! Funny adventures are already waiting for you, our heroes had a carefree vacation with their younger brothers and sisters - eggs, but the badass pigs decided to ruin the whole weekend. They stole the eggs and intend to do something bad with them! You need to mobilize and help the birds to fight back the pigs.

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In your arsenal you will have a huge slingshot and a bunch of brave birds with their own special skills. Use your slingshot and destroy the pig structure! The game has many interesting levels, many new characters, an exciting plot and a colorful world! Hurry to join the unforgettable adventure and punish the nasty pigs!

Angry Birds Reborn is a dedicated sequel to the original game that was released on July 10th, 2021. The game follows 5 birds who are trying to get vengeance from the pigs. Upon release, the game only had 3 episodes but saw a massive spike in popularity for Rovio in general after years of losing fans.

The second episode of the game, Corn Clash, has 63 levels spread across 3 pages and requires you to finish Scrambled! to unlock it. After their previous failed attempt in the first episode, the Pigs decide to hide in Matilda's garden disguised as various vegetables alongside the Eggs. However, Jay blows their cover and convinces the birds to attack any mysterious structures. This episode features 5 birds: Matilda, Bomb, Red, Chuck, and the Blues.

The third episode, Piggy Showdown, consists of 30 levels across 2 pages and requires you to finish Corn Clash to unlock. After many attempts to grab lunch for themselves, the pigs decide to improvise by building fancy weapons to fight back against the birds. Once these weapons are crafted, they steal the eggs once again, but the birds have their ways of avoiding the weapons. This episode features 5 birds: Matilda, Bomb, Red, Chuck, and the Blues.

The fourth episode, The Pig Outbreak, has 30 levels, across 2 pages, and requires you to finish Piggy Showdown to unlock. After their 3rd plan was foiled, the Pigs were getting desperate. They lost their sophisticated weapons, so now what? They decided they were going to steal the Eggs - and the birds! They didn't realize, however, a sixth bird was nearby; Terence. This episode features 2 birds, Chuck and Terence, but you can see Red and The Blues in cages in Level 30.

The fifth episode, Blue Moon, has 63 levels, across 3 pages, and requires you to finish The Pig Outbreak to unlock. When the Birds foiled their Pork-demic, a pig gets a plan. A device that allows them to see the Birds from far away - and through walls! The only problem, however, they couldn't see any blue birds; this didn't bother them, though. This episode features 2 birds, The Blues and Morris.

The seventh episode, Operation Porkbelly, has 45 levels, across 3 pages. You have to finish Logging Lollies to play it, however. After their attempt on chopping down exotic trees, the pigs are getting desperate. Since the pigs tried to tear down their homes, Hal and Bubbles met the rest of the Flock, who were telling them tales about the pigs stealing their eggs, when they did exactly that! This episode features all 9 birds, listed below.

The first episode, Piga-Dilly, has 45 levels, across 3 pages. You have to finish Season 1 to play this episode. A few years after The Last Chop, the first egg starts to hatch, but as it's doing so, the Pigs steal the hatching egg, and the other two! Now it's up to the Birds to retrieve their offspring in the first episode of Season 2! This episode features all 11 birds, seen below.

The second episode "Pigs can fly!", has 67 levels, across 3 pages. You have to finish Piga Dilly to play this episode. The pigs have actually been plotting something all these years...building a superweapon that can destroy the birds!! But there's one problem they need a power source a mega source a...Eggsteroid.So the pigs go to space to get the Eggsteroid but little did they know three birds were watching it THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL TRIO!!! Already fighting alien pigs but now they have to get back the Eggsteroid from real pigs! This episode features 3 birds.

The third episode, We come in Beaks!, has 56 levels, across 3 pages. You have to finish Pigs can fly! to play this episode. BAM! The trio's space ship crashes to earth. The flock panic, thinking it was a Pig attack, but they are baffled when three birds come out. One the birds catch Red and Terence's eyes, Blaser, their long lost brother that was abducted by alien pigs for experiments, which gave him his fire powers. Blaser he realizes who they are, Ice tells them what's going on, Red and Terence want to help, and the trio lets them tag along. This episode features 5 birds, Red, Terence, Blaser, Icebomb, and Hoatzin.

The fourth episode, Fused!, has 45 levels, across 3 pages. When Bomb realizes that an Eggsteroid can control more than any other egg, he slings himself through a new space portal. On the way, he transforms into Firebomb! A new bird, indigenous to the Space biome! This episode features 5 birds, Super Red, Firebomb, Blaser, Icebomb, and Hoatzin.

Space war has 120 levels, across 4 pages. When Bomb and Red don't come back from space the flock knows somethings wrong. Chuck, The blues, Terence, Bubbles, and Stella then go to space and become Lazer, The Lightings, The Incredible Terence, The Atomic Bird, and The bubble. They must now rescue Red, Bomb, and the trio and the Eggsteroid from total destruction. This episode has 10 birds.

An Episode that you can customise and add your own levels in! You can add up to 15 levels over 3 pages, and form your own little story! This episode features 1-21 birds, depending on the levels you choose to add.

Blue Moon: The pigs can now track the Birds, but for some reason, they cannot see any blue birds, over the blue moon. The Blues meet a new bird, Morris, then go on to attack the pigs for the fifth time. There are 63 levels in Episode 5.

Love Doves: Two new birds have joined the flock Ruby and Stella and while Red and Chuck want to become their cockerels/roosters (Boyfriends), they forget to watch the eggs, and so the pigs steal them. Now it's up to Red, Chuck and their new lady friends to save them!

Whether Reloaded was designed after an employee saw this page, or if both were designed as a spiritual successor by chance, our wishes of a new, classic Angry Birds game have been fulfilled. Thank you so much, Rovio.


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