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Bezubaan Ishq Movie In Hindi =LINK= Download 720p

Bezubaan Ishq: A Romantic Drama You Don't Want to Miss (Hindi 720p Download Link Inside)

If you are looking for a romantic movie to watch with your loved one, you might want to check out Bezubaan Ishq, a 2015 Hindi film directed by Jashwant Gangani and produced by C.J. Gadara and Dinesh Likhiya. The film stars Mugdha Godse, Sneha Ullal and Nishant Malkani in lead roles. The music directors Babli Haque and Rupesh Verma composed the music for the film.

Bezubaan Ishq movie in hindi download 720p

What is Bezubaan Ishq about?

The film is set in the modern milieu with traditional Indian backdrop and values. It revolves around three friends and their respective families. Mansukh Patel is an NRI business tycoon residing with his British wife, Lisa and daughter Rumzum in London, UK. The Patels live in the United Kingdom but haven't forgotten their Indian tradition and values. Mansukh's younger brother, Rashmikant lives in Mumbai with his daughter, Suhani. Having lost his wife Rekha early in life, Rashmikant is a protective father and pampers Suhani with all her demands, and so does his mother, Savitri. Rashmikant's childhood friend, Vipul is also his business partner. He lives with his wife, Laxmi and son, Swagat. Suhani and Swagat have been childhood sweethearts. Suhani is a bindaas, open-hearted girl. Swagat is more subdued in nature. Swagat plays an important role in Suhani's life.

Swagat is bowled over by Rumzum's simplicity, pure innocence, beauty and her nature. Whereas, Suhani is madly in love with Swagat. Will Swagat marry Suhani and live happily ever after or will he find true love in Rumzum? Jashwant Gangani's Bezubaan Ishq unravels the beautiful story of unspoken love and sacrifice with pure characters from real life.

Why should you watch Bezubaan Ishq?

Bezubaan Ishq is a film that will touch your heart with its emotional and romantic scenes. The film showcases the chemistry between the lead actors and their performances. Mugdha Godse as Suhani is an electrifying personality who is full of life, a spoilt brat, and can be very aggressive when it comes to love and friendship. Sneha Ullal as Rumzum is a kind-hearted and innocent girl who is also Suhani's cousin from London. Nishant Malkani as Swagat is a young boy who has modern views with traditional values.

The film also has a strong supporting cast of veteran actors like Darshan Jariwala, Sachin Khedekar, Farida Jalal, Smita Jaykar and Muni Jha who add to the charm of the film. The film has some melodious songs that will stay with you for a long time. The film also has some beautiful locations like London, Mumbai and Rajasthan that will make you feel like you are part of the story.

How to download Bezubaan Ishq movie in hindi 720p?

If you want to watch Bezubaan Ishq movie in hindi 720p quality, you can download it from the link given below. The link will take you to a website where you can choose from different options like torrent, direct download or online streaming. The website is safe and secure and does not contain any malware or viruses. You can enjoy the movie without any hassle or interruption.

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What are the critics saying about Bezubaan Ishq?

Bezubaan Ishq has received mostly negative reviews from the critics who have slammed the film for its outdated plot, poor direction, weak performances and lack of originality. The film has been rated 1.5 out of 5 by Times of India, who called it "an unintentional spoof of dated romantic films". The film has also been criticized for its low production values, cheesy dialogues and unrealistic situations.

However, some critics have appreciated the film's music and cinematography, which have added some charm to the otherwise dull film. The film has also been praised for its message of unconditional love and sacrifice, which might appeal to some viewers who are looking for a simple and emotional story.

Is Bezubaan Ishq worth watching?

Bezubaan Ishq is a film that might appeal to you if you are a fan of old-fashioned romantic dramas that have a lot of melodrama and tragedy. The film might also interest you if you like the lead actors and their chemistry. However, if you are looking for a fresh and modern take on romance, you might want to skip this film as it has nothing new or exciting to offer. The film is a clichéd and predictable affair that will bore you with its slow pace and outdated plot.

How did Bezubaan Ishq perform at the box office?

Bezubaan Ishq was a flop at the box office, as it failed to attract the audience and recover its cost. The film was released on July 3, 2015, along with two other films, Second Hand Husband and Guddu Rangeela. The film faced tough competition from these films as well as from the previous week's release, Baahubali: The Beginning. The film opened with a poor occupancy of around 5% and collected only Rs. 0.15 crore on its first day. The film showed no growth over the weekend and ended up with a dismal collection of Rs. 0.50 crore in its first week. The film was out of most theatres in its second week and managed to collect only Rs. 0.10 crore more. The film's lifetime collection was Rs. 0.60 crore, which was way below its budget of Rs. 10 crore.

What are some alternatives to Bezubaan Ishq?

If you are looking for some better romantic films to watch, you can check out some of these alternatives to Bezubaan Ishq:

- Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: This is a classic romantic film that stars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol as two young lovers who face opposition from their families. The film is full of romance, comedy, drama and music and is one of the most loved films of all time.

- Jab We Met: