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Morning Coffee (1 Kings 19:11 & 12)

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Promiscuities !NEW!

The reciprocal nature of drug specificity and target specificity implies that the same is true for their respective promiscuities. Protein promiscuity has two broadly different types of footprint in drug design. The first is relaxed specificity of binding sites for substrates, inhibitors, effectors or cofactors. The second involves protein-protein interactions of regulatory processes such as signal transduction and transcription, and here protein intrinsic disorder plays an important role. Both viruses and host cells exploit intrinsic disorder for their survival, as do the design and discovery programs for antivirals. Drug action, strictly speaking, always relies upon promiscuous activity, with drug promiscuity enlarging its scope. Drug repurposing searches for additional promiscuity on the part of both the drug and the target in the host. Understanding the subtle nuances of these promiscuities is critical in the design of novel and more effective antivirals.


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