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Morning Coffee (1 Kings 19:11 & 12)

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Wayne Dalton Door Master Bdor-2000 Manual

If your Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener doesn't seem to be working right, make sure all the batteries are up to date, and the cord, outlet and wall switch work properly. Also check the wires by disconnecting the wires at the opener from the wall station. If the door doesn't open and the light flashes, make sure there's nothing obstructing the door. You can disconnect the door from the remote operator, and open the door by hand. If there's a buildup of snow and ice, clear the area. If the door doesn't open and close properly, adjust the limit with a screwdriver. Adjust one-fourth turn to 1 inch of travel, counterclockwise for the open limit and clockwise for the close limit. If the door closes and then opens again on its own, adjust the rod in the tube to provide 1 inch of cushion compression when the door is completely closed. If the door starts to close then opens again and the light begins to flash, the infrared safety sensors are out of adjustment or defective. Check the alignment according to your owner's manual, check batteries and contact points, and check for obstructions.

Wayne Dalton Door Master Bdor-2000 Manual


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