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Nioh Complete Edition: A Brutal Samurai Action Game for PC

Nioh Complete Edition: A Brutal Samurai Action Game for PC

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding action game that combines historical and mythical elements, you might want to check out Nioh Complete Edition. This game, developed by Team NINJA and Koei Tecmo Games, is set in the age of samurai, where you play as a lone traveler who lands on the shores of Japan. You must fight your way through the vicious warriors and supernatural Yokai that infest the land in order to find that which you seek.

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Nioh Complete Edition contains the full game, as well as the three expansions with additional story chapters: Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed's End. These expansions add new regions, enemies, weapons, skills, and missions to the game, giving you more content and challenge to enjoy.

Nioh Complete Edition also features PC-specific enhancements, such as gamepad compatibility, 4K Ultra-HD support, and cross-play with Steam players. You can also claim an exclusive "Fujin Helmet" by selecting "Boons" from a shrine.

Nioh Complete Edition is not a game for the faint of heart. It is a game that requires skill, strategy, and patience to overcome its brutal difficulty. You will die a lot, but you will also learn from your mistakes and improve your abilities. You will explore a rich and immersive world that blends historical and fantasy elements. You will customize your character with various weapons, armor, skills, and items. You will face epic boss battles that will test your limits. And you will experience a thrilling and satisfying action game that will keep you hooked for hours.

If you are interested in Nioh Complete Edition, you can download it from Steam or Epic Games Store for $49.99. You can also check out Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition, which is also available on both platforms for $59.99.

What the Critics Say

Nioh Complete Edition has received mostly positive reviews from critics, who praised its rich, technical combat, terrific, Asian-influenced visual style and setting, well-designed, highly detailed levels, and staggering amount of content. However, some critics also pointed out some flaws, such as the complex combat systems that can be overwhelming for new players, the randomized loot that makes weapon progression tedious, the multi-opponent engagements that are frustratingly difficult on higher difficulty missions, and the iffy port that has some limitations and issues.

Here are some excerpts from some of the reviews:

  • "The PC version of Nioh delivers excellent action and a staggering amount of content. Mastering the gameplay systems may seem overwhelming for new players, but those who stick with it will be rewarded." - Gabriel Zamora, PCMag (4/5) Read full review

  • "Nioh brings its own punch to the party by adding badass spirit animal summons, chaining combos, and fighting stances to a combat system that would have otherwise felt too derivative. Although the port to PC has a disregard for keyboard controls bordering on outright rude, Nioh's swift, layered combat was worth retraining my muscle memory for." - Lauren Morton, PC Gamer (78/100) Read full review

  • "Nioh: Complete Edition is a great game. That much should be expected as the original release was. However, much like all Koei Tecmo PC ports, this release suffers from some glaring omissions and limitations." - Chris Wray, Wccftech (8/10) Read full review

  • "Nioh: Complete Edition is a worthy âSoulsbourneâ game, and maybe one of the best. With the inclusion of all the DLC and the great performance of the port, Nioh should be a day 1 purchase for all fans of the genre." - William Murphy, GameSpace (9/10) Read full review

If you want to see more reviews, you can check out OpenCritic or Metacritic for aggregated scores and opinions. 0efd9a6b88


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